[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] hello everyone in this short tutorial I'm going to explain how to use our trading system correctly on indices and CFD very briefly, follow me to put the system on the chart then complete all necessary configuration based on spread as Indices and stocks have different spread value that required some adjustment before getting on the trade let's take some example like Dow-Jones open the chart window put it on one minute timeframe, Nasdaq, SP500 DE30 and GB-100, Now to convert from candlestick to Renko Chart, we have to respect some rules, so we go to Renko Chart Converter we check the spread for each market for GB-100 we have the spread here 150 okay so the Renko-Box Size equal to this value okay, let's back to Dow-Jones we have the spread here 60 we have put 60 as Renko box size, same for Nasdaq 100 spread we put this value and Renko box size under unforce we have 65 65 the a 30 we have 300 are spread we use the same value Renko box size equal to the spread value okay now let's load the Renko Chart offline section then Jones, DJI (m2) for Renko Chart okay Nasdaq M 2 then S&P 500 after that we have the DE30 okay open we have two different system to present a "Renko Chase" and "Stalker FxPro" let's first to use Stalker FxPro We load the Template, here is our system Same for Nasdaq and Standard & Poor's DE30, We load the template can trade directly without any required configuration, now we will setup the second system Renko Chase Trading System We load the template, Renko Chase require some configuration before getting in the trade on stocks CFDs and indices, which mouse click we select Renko Chase "oscillator properties" for sensitivity we put the Half (1/2) value of the spread used the build Renko Chart so we have to put 30 here we put the mouse on the Stars until we see the name "Stars sequencer" we click then we put 30 as Half of Spread value now the system is ready for trading Return for Nasdaq we put sensitivity, we have here 100 as spread we put the 1/2 value is 50 same on stars sequencer we put 50 then our system is ready for trading let's go to standard and Poors (S&P500 ) you Load the template We select oscillator we have to put here the 1/2 value it's about 35 it's okay 35 same value now both indicators are synchronized we go to the last one DE30 We Load the Template as we see here the system is not configured because we see here to reversal stars in up-trend same here ! so we have to config this system, the spread value for DE30 is 300 so we have to put the Half value we do the same with start sequencer select here we have 300 as spread we put 150 for sensitivity well the system now is ready for trading is safe to trade the main rule to use Renko Chase is adjust both indicators stars sequencer Renko Chase oscillator or the same sensitivity by giving the Half value of the spread of the market where Renko Chase is installed last example, if we take HK50 with this spread we build the chart 200 Then We config both indicators start sequencer and Oscillator for the 1/2 value of the spread 100, here we can use the system correctly I did this tutorial for some people unfortunately does not respect the Rule made for this system and until now the commit the same mistake to i recommand to read carefully our guidelines PDF and follow up our tutorial videos finally and honestly I would like to clear that I'm not native English speaker but I try my best to make this tutorial easy to understand for all people Thank you very much, Merçi, Spasiba Gracias, Shukran Lakom