welcome back to my channel so today as we all know by the name in the title we are deep enough into the earth Eursula cast a spell Disney beauty book okay and as you all may know I have a lot of the Disney character palettes that have been dropping in the Walgreens I haven't seen them lately so I don't know if they're done running that type of little thing but identify all these palettes some time last year last year as in 2017 not 2018 and I never put them to the test so you guys I decided to come up with the series of using those palettes and that's what we're doing all week long so we aren't gonna dip off into the Ursula cast a spell beauty book and we're also gonna work with the little Disney it's called the villains palette and this one is Ursula – you guys excuse me if you hear my stomach I gotta keep this pushing okay I'm hungry as hell I'm about to go to work and I just gave you out a full beat so don't pay attention to it do you use a couple of products that were new to my stash that I needed to throw into videos as well as I use some of my project pan items and my shot my stash items that's how I decided to do this so that's exactly where we're going with this we had a little bit of trouble as you guys are gonna see in the video need to be the trouble but I did let y'all see me do the full face and not just the eyes and I hope you guys enjoy it don't forget to Like comment subscribe share with your friends and don't forget that notification bell so you won't miss another upload from you girl now if y'all want to see how I got this cute ass Disney look which I think we did pretty good leg up we're gonna jump right into the video as y'all know in the beginning and the intro I told y'all which pallets were using today so we're just gonna see what kind of look we create today I think I want to start off with the morphe doughnut shape which is right here and it's more of a contour shape than a transition shape but I'm gonna use this as the transition pull out my NYX blending brush and we're gonna just dab a little bit does some off and we're gonna place it and our transition area we're just gonna Pat it on we're not gonna blend yet because I kind of want to see where this look is gonna take me and we are gonna put another color on top of it but we kind of want to sit that concealer and I know we're setting it with a darker transition shade that's why I'm patting and I'm not applying too much to the transition shape so that I can blend out another color on top and I'm gonna apologize now you guys if you hear any thundering and lightning it is storming outside and it's supposed to last all day so at any point if you hear it I'm sorry mother nature is gonna do mother nature stuff okay so I'm a different to the popin palette by beauty glaze and I'm gonna get that orange shade up out of there and we're gonna blend it in our crease as well and you know beauty glaze don't have names on there so we're gonna take care we're gonna Pat it right on top of that Brown you yeah it's raining so hard that I want to stay home and not go to work but I know I can't do that because I'm off tomorrow due to the kids being out of school so I can't even call in for work I don't but I've never done it in the four years that I've been there I never called out unless it was an emergency like when my grandmother passed now with us using the Ursula palates I'm trying to see like what kind of look we're gonna come up with so I'm a dip into the villains cast a spell beauty book and I'm gonna take a little bit of that black and we're gonna work it in the outer V and kind of blow it up a little bit so I'm gonna get a smaller brush which I'm just gonna get this elf blending brush looks like that and I'm gonna tap off into that black I don't know how pigmented it is so I'm just gonna use a little bit just to see what we're working with you I'm gonna go back in with that orange whatever is left on that brush and now must our blending is that a patent gonna blend out those edges you and you want to blend with a very light hand you don't want to press on it too hard you just want to go really lightly to blend the edges that's what we looking like I think I do want to do a cut crease today um like I said I think this look is gonna be hella easy but I think I'm gonna do a cut crease so I'm gonna take my Ruby kisses pretty face creator and this is level 9 and I'm gonna use the brighter shade to cut out my crease because I kind of want to use that green but then again I want to use the blue so I don't know okay so we ended up not doing that harsh cut crease so we're just gonna go with the flow I thought this brush was gonna do what I needed it to do but it didn't blend out the edges with your fingertips it makes the cream go away it makes it smooth out way easier because it warms up to the temperature of your finger so the concealer is gonna blend out flawless so now I think I'm gonna jump off into I think I'm gonna do the point yeah I'm gonna try the green I think we're gonna try this green here gotta see if that does anything I'm gonna take this no-name brush and we're just gonna dip off into the green and see where it takes us if I need to cover it up with anything that's what we're gonna do but I'm starting right here in the middle it's real powdery I could tell you that to start off with shade is pretty okay so what I can notice about this eyeshadow palette the shimmer and the glitter that you see in the band is actually just the first layer so once you get past the first layer of eyeshadow it's really not as shimmery or as popping because it's just the first later think I'm gonna take that white shade and put it in the inner portion of my eye see now that color comes off really shimmering and pretty so before I take all the shimmer off let me apply to this eye see that actually came out pretty so I'm gonna go back in with a little bit of that black and just blend it blend out the edges and we're gonna feather it inwards so that that shimmer won't come out word we want the shimmer to going more inward than our so that the ended the so that the outer V of your eye won't look so shimmery you kind of go in with my waiting while no I'm sorry with my drawer cosmetics internal liquid liner in black and we're just gonna go ahead and line our lash line somehow some way I always seem to go him on the wing liner so I have to make it work you so we're gonna leave it at this before the I look turns into some totally different we weren't ready for so I'm a dip into the cast of spell and we're gonna place a little bit of this gold color on our brow bone and we don't want to take it too far we want to kind of keep it right there in the center of the brow bone just for that extra pop so we're gonna work eating out right here all right so let's move on to the face this is what the eye is looking like at the moment it's coming out pretty cute but I know once I finish I'll be fine so I'm gonna coat no I'm gonna prime my face and I'm gonna use my Maybelline Baby skin instant pore eraser you guys know this is a part of the project pan for the year trying to use it all up and we're getting there alright so the winged liners do you come out pretty good we are gonna be using the l'oreal true match foundation and cocoa and you know this is a part of the project pan as well so just trying to use it on up baby I'm gonna use my Andre Renee peaches and pearl foundation buffer brush just to blend this all out and I'm in my mirror just to buff it on out and once again we're using patting motions before we even try to blend you this is my first time using this brush and I could say I actually like it it blends out so good so we're gonna go in and conceal and we're gonna use the NYX can't stop don't stop like a fellow because you can get down baby get down concealer and this one is in golden I think I can't remember the other shade I picked up but I got two that I picked up and I know I use the other one already in one of my videos but I'm gonna use golden they're gonna see how this works out you now I'm gonna take my dirty Beautyblender don't touch me and we're gonna blend that out ya hear that goodness blendin out amazing and I decided to show you guys the full face of this look because I am using some new products I just received well that I just picked up not received cuz your girl I'm receiving night we now receiving no PR you so we're gonna dip up into the new fin team Pro filter and I got it in the mini size I do have the shade honey I do have the shade banana already on full size but I wanted to try out the honey because a lot of people are hyped about the honey color so I want to test this on our only came with a little poofer brush too cute so let's shake it up a little bit and honey is just a little bit deeper than the banana so like I said a lot of people raved about it so I wanted to try it out for myself you I don't know how you do it with two fingers but it is giving me a hard-ass time and I'm trying to work with it I think it's just a little bit too small for my liking honey is a pretty color dog I'm gonna go in with the Sephora micro smooth pressed powder and this one is in Ebony deep evany and we're gonna go ahead and set the entire face the rest of the face and blend everything together marry it all – that's what we're gonna do just gonna set everything and this here is not new but you guys should know by now this is like my ride-or-die and I'm just running whatever product is live off this powder brush right up under my eyes to knock off any excess powder that was left on my face and to blend it all together this is looking really good you guys know I crease either way it goes but this is looking really good so we're gonna move on and contour we're gonna go into 8h morphe palette and we're gonna take where's my contour brush we're gonna take them crowns angled brush and we're gonna dip into fabulous and doughnut and we're just gonna contour well actually bronze of our skin and I actually been liking to mix all of these together on different days like one day I'll use fabulous and debutante one day I will use deadly tonic donut like I just mix them all together I think this is a really good contour and highlighter palette that you could pick up from morphe if you're my skin tone because all of these shades actually do work for your face I've tested them out on my own throughout the days of rare nits and no color is left behind like no shade is left behind my wife called me is the NYX jumbo pencil and this one is in Kashmir 6:30 as well as I put on my siharan blush palette this is the volume one and I did mix Toby with Neil Toby and Neil together and put it on popped it on my cheeks so now we're gonna move on to the to face new do we do we know new do you fresh clothes sitting spring and I did haul this in my 21 days of beauty haul if you guys haven't seen it go watch it I'll have it linked up and down below so we're gonna use this y'all this stuff smells like watermelon I love it and it says it's a do like a dewy spring but it doesn't really come off doing y'all know that ball sound that bomb makes me feel so good inside for some reason I'd love to hear that drench your face with that stuff and I did use the the butter London double-decker lash mascara you guys I love that mascara I got that in the boxycharm one month and I absolutely love it so I'm gonna go back in with the morphe 8h and we're gonna highlight and we're gonna use a mixture of beam and Mirage now it's time to move on to the lips and we will be done with this look we're gonna go in with the Jordana Coco Loco retractable lip liner and we're gonna line our lips now since the fake the eyes are kind of BAM we're gonna go in with the Oh for a long lasting liquid lipstick and Miami fever I did get this in my boxycharm it was either the boxy charm or the boxy looks and it's a liquid lipstick we're gonna go ahead so pretty I love over liquid lipsticks now of course it's looking bright but I did want to use that because of the transition color so now what we're gonna do is we're gonna use if I could get it out we're gonna use the dry cosmetics long-wearing hydra matte lip liquid lipstick and this one is in Adam and Eve and we're gonna place that in the center of our lips so pretty right mm-hmm now I'm gonna pop on my elegancy boutique lashes and these are in the style desire you guys I love these lashes I know yeah I probably haven't seen a man a while now but you guys know that I am a part of the Eliquis II boutiques company so I would like for you guys to go ahead and use my coupon code down below and order you some lashes because they're bomb they're freaking bomb no line so I'm just gonna pop these on give my face one more spray throw on my wig and I'm gonna see you guys in the outro yes I will see you guys in the outro and there you have it you guys I hope y'all enjoy this tutorial I know I know I'm gonna be killing y'all with every day this week with these looks but I actually kind of like the palette I think that's one of the palettes that I will probably keep and that's the whole reasoning for me during these videos is because I haven't used none of these Disney character palettes yet I am gonna dip off more into cast a spell because I only use just a few shades but I I'm gonna be popping to it a little bit more later on but I hope you guys enjoyed this look let me know what your thoughts are down below if you have that palette and you were and you were putting your makeup on with me let me know what kind of look you came up with I love you all and I'll see you guys tomorrow don't forget to Like comment and subscribe like coming you