Hello everyone when I was younger I've always liked to find all the bug in glitches I could in video games and of course the DRIVER series were good games to do that because there is a lot of glitches and bugs to find in them as you know and in 2004 I played spider-man 2 and PlayStation 2 and I liked that you were able to go to Liberty Island after the mission that was happening there when DRIVER Parallel Lines came out and was set in New York of course I wanted to go to Liberty Island – but it's not possible doing normal game play and I thought that it was possible to do that with glitches because sometimes you can find new places in video games so I've tried a lot and a lot to go there and even though I wasn't able to go I found a way to go under the water All you have to do is to jump off your car at the right time and if The Kid does the animation the right way you will fall under the water without respawning on the ground it seems that you need to have a sharp edge for the glitch to be possible because if it's not the case The Kid will respawn on the ground and that's not what we want As you can see there is even a texture for the sea floor and that's very unlikely that it was meant to be sea (lol) so we don't know why (*hands clap*) the developers put a texture there sadly when you try to go to Liberty Island under the water you fall to the ground and you die so you can't use that glitch to go to Liberty Island and I'm pretty sure that even if it was the case the place isn't meant to be seen so it's just texture in the far distance and that's all but the glitch is still fun to do and you can see places that were not meant to be seen and I found two places where that glitch works but if you find new places in DRIVER Parallel Lines where that glitch works please tell me (*hands clap*) in the comments or on the driver discord Until next time keep driving !