Hey Doodlers, I wanted to record this very quick tutorial I noticed a question in the group about how to create the corners of any square or rectangular object and not have it look rounded, and, I had struggled through that as well until I came up with a way to work around that and I figured I would share it with you

So what we're gonna do (and I chose this image because it's clearly got several squares on it) and you can see I'd already started one there So what we're gonna do I went ahead – I went to the edit button to load up some draw paths and we are going to go through this So I'm sure if you've noticed, when you try to do this the regular way (we'll go here there's a little more contrast) and you try to go in one line and when you go here – you can see it creates more of a rounded corner and that's a little bit annoying as I'm sure So I'm gonna hit ctrl z to get rid of that path and to get rid of the other path and so this is what you do Okay and I will make this actually a little bigger just so you guys can see what I'm talking about


Alright, so I'm still on path three here, so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go just to the very edge of that corner and then what you do is you create a new draw path and you go right to the corner and start the new one, okay? Alright, so to create the nice sharp corner what you do is you go back here – you make sure that you see the little hand, you press down and you just slide it over the brand-new path that you started and we're going to test it out Ss you can see over here It actually did it, so save and return and preview You can see the one I did on top andokay So just so you guys can get a much better view of that Not going to make this video very long I'll just extend it save and this way you can see it in slow-mo (that is very slow mo) but I think you will get the picture So you'll see that's the very first one that I created the way I showed you now – and that is the second one that I just showed you on this video

And so that, my friends, is how you can create a perfect square in Doodly, alright? I hope you enjoyed that, I hope it helps and if you have any questions, let me know Until next time, take care