Hello everyone, My name is Utkarsh and I welcome you to my channel MrMagician So in today's video The card routine I will be talking about is Card to Pocket routine This is one of the most famous routines in card magic There are many variations of this routine And I am going to teach one of the variation in all those Those of you who don't know what is card to pocket routine U have seen in the trailer In this basically Your spectator selects a card and the spectator's card vanishes from the deck and reappear in your pocket So this is the basic idea And I hope you will like today's video So let's start the tutorial And before starting the tutorial If you haven't followed me on Instagram you guys can follow me link is in the description box below otherwise you can directly search mr

magicianofficial there i used to update about my upcoming videos and if you haven't subscribed my channel yet then must susbcribe the channel and do press the bell icon so that you never miss any videos now let's move on the tutorial so guys for executing this trick, you need a double backer you can get these in many decks and in case you don't have the double backer , you can simply take two cards and paste them back to back like this and your double backer will be made and in case you are performing in situation where you don't have any double backer then there is a solution for that which I will cover at the end of this video but now I am going to explain how to perform with double backer so firstly take the double backer out of the deck and simply place in your back or front pocket so this is going in my back pocket now after this you are going to start the trick firstly what you have to do let your audiece select any random card so lets randomly take any card , so here is Joker Lets use the joker for the tutorial , it's easy to follow lets do with the joker firstly take the joker give it to your spectator and they can sign the card and here you can either see the card or not, depends upon your presentation here we will see the card so give the card to spectator and he/she will sign the card when you are going to take the card from spectator after this, what you are going to do, what actually i usually do as you have seen in the trailer I do fake palm here, what's your basic idea is going to be is that you have to vanish their card from the deck if you know any different method, you can use it but i usually do the fake palm, so I will be teaching you the same In Fake palm, simply here I palm the card it looks like I have palmed the card but it stays on the top of the deck so this is fake palm, now how will you do that? firstly take the card from your spectator and here you can fairly show that the card is still there after this , it's too simple, angle the deck in front of your spectator ie; parellel otherwise the dropping motion of the card will be visible so you have to be carefull that if your audience is sitting in front of you, make it parellel from them It should not be more or less, so that card's dropping motion is invisble after this bring your main hand near the card as if you are palming the card you normally palm card like this, so pretend that you are palming the card but in this motion, I am going to show you from this angle when you will bring the hand near the card, simply drop it on the top of the deck after dropping the card, remove your other hand so that no one get attention over there here audience thinks that you are holding their card and you can simply show that you are crushing the card according to your presentation now for the audience their card is vanished after vanishing the card, you can do a double lift to show that their card isin't on the top of the deck the card is vanished and it's neither on top nor on the bottom of the deck after this, you can just say and make a bit of hype that where the card in the world can go or anything


and then you can show that their card is in your back pocket now notice here, you can take card in any position because it's a double backer I can keep it like this , or like this but make sure you keep the card on the top of the deck in same position, so that audience cannot see thats it's a double backer Don't take the card and flip like this, audience will see that it's a double backer So in a single motion, place the card on the top of the deck after this, maybe you can say do you remember your card, and then snap now you remember here after double backer, there is spectator's card you can see here is the Joker so if you will do a double lift here, this joker is going to be the card which was in your pocket( for the spectator) and the plus point of using a double backer is that you can give the card to spectator , its going to act as a single card so what's going to happen is spectator's card is here you brought the double backer simply do a double lift And show the spectator that the card which was signed by them reappeared in your pocket so this was the basic idea of this routine, you can also come up with your ideas because it's very impressive trick now I'm going to talk about the method without double backer So here I'll remove the double backer In that case what will you do Take any random card from the deck and place it in your back pocket just imagine for a while that this is your double backer so I'll simply place the card in my back pocket face down not like this(face up), place it face down so this goes in my back pocket now after this, do the same thing as in the method of double backer, let them select any random card so here we will select any random card this is 10 of Clubs you can again let them sign the card now do the same thing again, fake palm vanish the card and make your presentation from here there is going to be some changes right now the spectator's card is on the top of the deck take the card out face down make sure you don't show the face, place on the top as before and show by doing double lift that card has appeared from your pocket but from here you can't do the cleanup because the next card will be revealed in this case , what you can do is here you can do a cleanup, you can show here is the card and simply do this in this motion you can show that it's a single card so how you are going to do isDo a double lift I'm going to explain with random card , this isn't the spectator's card while you are flipping the card, just turn your left hand towards the card and the way I'm holding the two cards is my index and middle finger is on the back side and thumb is on the top so I'm holding the card like this my hand is turning and I'll quickly pull the top card(spectators card) leaving the other card on top so when you will do it fastly so show the card and quickly pull the card and they will never be in doubt that you did something nacky You can do this in case you don't have the double backer so guys, I hope you liked today's tutorial and if you enjoyed the video, please like this video and do share your ideas in the comment section below so that's all for today, see you in the next video