– [Narrator] Interior, Winterfell's best room Sansa sits alone on top of her prized Valyrian eggs

Jon walks in carrying Sam in a pouch – Sansa, have you met my mother on the wall, Samwell Tarly I hope you two have a feel-good talk about friendship – [Narrator] Sansa gets closer to him and then takes out a large spear and pushes it into Jon's stomach He looks concerned


– You've never killed me before, Sam will hate this – [Narrator] Jon's eyes slowly blink and he loses – Did you imagine I could be smarter than anyone here? It's a strange thing I've been doing ever since Ramsey received my death dogs – [Narrator] In the background of this scene, Podrick is having tea with Podrick Podrick glances back at Podrick and Podrick, but Brienne grabs his head in her hands

– Don't let them see that you think them very pretty A knight does what is wonderful – And a squire, My Lady? – A squire does brooding – [Narrator] Podrick nods and gets sullen At the foot of the Cliff of Disbelief, Tyrion and Bran are both sitting in shock

– My brother tells me you're guilty of forgiving him That's a risky scheme, Milord – I am not a lord, I am a tree, a pie, a cook, and yes I am also a Hodor There is no middle, there is only Hodor and chaos – [Tyrion] You mean ardor and chaos

– As I said – Actually you said– – [Narrator] Bran jumps out of his chair with his working legs and floors Tyrion with a sequence of violently beautiful flip kicks – I'll do that again, you rat me out You gonna rat me out? – No, I swear, I swear! – [Narrator] Interior, the other Winterfell Arya and Gendry are standing next to a servant dressed as a horse

Arya is scrubbing the old horse with a long blonde face from her face bag – You're not afraid of my horse are you? She's a liar and a thief but I don't think she'd kill you, as long as you keep away from her horse-knife – [Narrator] Arya gulps pie after pie as Gendry watches respectfully After an hour, Gendry's stomach growls – Can I have some? – I am beloved, I can't die! – You're leaving for stupid camp

Everything you think is bad This is a huge Gendry insult! – [Narrator] Arya punches Gendry down through the floor and into the crypt Daenerys and Jon enter looking worried Jon sits on his bed and sighs deeply Someone must regret, but why is it always Jon Snow? – I spoke to the dragons

They'll help, but they want money, a hundred each – No deal, I'd rather just lose – They would also accept your father's bones – [Narrator] Jon hesitates and then nods He hugs Daenerys as Varys enters

– Varys, come here and hug myself and my nephew! – Thank you your grace, My Lord Stark, but I must admit, my legs are thirsty Please water my legs – [Narrator] Varys sits and stares at what he has become Jon and Dany begin soaking Varys's long, long legs – My life is rich and powerful

I could do violence to all world, but I'm trying to be human – [Narrator] From outside, thunder rumbles and a shadow moves towards Jon Jon unsheathes his arm and starts fighting the ground with it He is clearly outnumbered (dramatic music) (grunting) He goes berserk with tears

(sobbing) Jon Snow falls to the ground and goes silent for a moment, then gets to his feet and speaks to the camera – Now you know what happens It's over for me but I'm not the king here My heir lies is warped with treason, thank you for everything Have a safe journey to the throne of your home

– [Narrator] Everyone else bows They begin laughing and eating breakfast Breakfast is coming