Hello, my name is Rupert Scheule I'm a professor of moral theology

Here at the University of Regensburg My eldest son watched Game of Thrones and I sat down on the sofa and that was the beginning of those 70 hours on the sofa before Game of Thrones So it was a pretty naive entry into the series But then I saw that the series is iridescent, has rums and it's interesting to look at it from an ethical point of view as well, and that actually kept me busy for a long time How does the conclusion to the overall phenomenon fit and what does an ethicist think of it? Basically, I found interesting, as told here


You have to say that So I represent the view an ethicist that stories are not just in it fictional formats, but that we are in real life a bit far Use stories to structure ourselves and let it be that at the bar in the evening, anyone tells our life story tell and thereby stabilize our identity So we need stories and I believe that Game of Thrones that's how we got it because it's a crisp story, surprising and we just to put stories into this pattern of order also in our own lives That's something Game of Thrones had to redeem Such an exciting, resourceful Story about eight squadrons is coming to an end

And all showrunners say, "That will run to this end and stay with it" And then of course the expectation pressure on this end increases enormously So until episode five of last season, I personally thought: "Oops, this is going to end in a maul" The last episode has me but then reconciled a bit So you just have to know that a series in a high-risk situation is at the end

Because stories always go a long way to the end, we all look natural on this end and overburden this end with expectations High risk, with such a worldwide success, as it was Game of Thrones How can a conclusion be set now? And then I found interesting how the showrunners did it A casual ending I would have thought that is now out on a final battle life-negating forces against life

But puff cake! They gave us, so to speak, the grand finale does not exist The big rums do not come We make the enemy of humanity and human history just settle in the third last episode and then it will be easy again a relatives and friends circle skirmish for power listed And then that is done and so are the final settings Then life trickles on

I'm afraid that is a wisdom for life So we will end sometime and life will continue to trickle I'll take that with me In that sense I am not so dissatisfied with this end