Some of Westeros' best-known faces were replaced throughout history from Game of Thrones

Many fans wonder what happened Do you want answers? Sit on the throne, we will give them to you Throughout the entire series, Emilia Clarke stood out as Daenerys Targaryen Since a simple and submissive young woman to a fierce and ruthless warrior, the development of her character it was one of the most interesting of the program, and without Clarke's interpretation, nothing would have been that way Hailed as a feminist icon, fans were delighted with the epics Daenerys scenes, and Clarke herself achieved international recognition for her role, as well as nominations for various awards


It's hard to imagine Daenerys being played by another actress, isn't it? But initially in the pilot episode of Game of Thrones, Daenerys was played by Tamzin Merchant, best known for her role as the fifth wife of Henry VIII, Catherine Howard, in The Tudors The creators David Benioff and DB Weiss always shared everything what happens in production, but neither the two showrunners nor the casting director Nina Gould commented on the departure of Merchant Today, fans wonder how so the series could have been different with a different Daenerys riding those dragons The third season of Game of Thrones introduced Daario Naharis, a new love interest for Daenerys, and was first played by Ed Skrein This cunning mercenary of hair long he was interested in her from day one, and when he betrayed his own men to join his team, it was clear that he would be a fundamental character for development from Dany's character arc

However, after three episodes in the third season, Skrein was replaced Surprisingly by Michiel Huisman What happened was that Skrein had problems with the schedules, as it was about to appear in the new Transporter movie Since then, the actor has admitted that it was not the easiest decision, but that He regretted leaving Game of Thrones, which benefited Huisman, who He could demonstrate his acting skills by playing Daario His romance with Daenerys left many wondering where it would end, as the series progressed In the first seasons of Thrones, viewers discovered that the three children of Cersei Lannister, all of them supposedly of Baratheon blood, were actually bastards conceived of the incestuous adventure with his twin brother, Jaime

However nobody He paid close attention to none of the children apart from Joffrey, the eldest and most evil son from Cersei, who finally ascended the throne and wreaked havoc on King's Landing and Westeros in general As a result, the other two children were often put aside That, and the fact that they are children, facilitated discretion when replacing one from them When it was time to snatch Joffrey's crown, Callum Wharry was replaced by Dean-Charles Chapman to play Tommen Baratheon Chapman made more scenes difficult as King Tommen, including a love scene with his new wife Margaery Tyrell, as well as his death at the end of the sixth season

However, for many fans, Chapman's face was familiar, since it actually appeared in the third season, playing a young Lannister squire who was held hostage by the Starks, and that he was finally killed by Rickard Karstark Chapman played two characters different in the series, and both ended up dead weird right? Like Tommen, Cersei Lannister's daughter, Myrcella, went largely unnoticed throughout the first seasons, until his uncle Tyrion decided to send her to Dorne, creating a permanent break between him and Cersei

In the fifth season, he reappeared as a teenager in love and committed to Trystane Martell, the young prince of Dorne Thanks to a continuous battle between the Lannister and Martell families, she was killed at the hands of Ellaria Sand, shortly after discovering her true kinship Although Myrcella was played by the young actress Aimee Richardson during her appearances In previous seasons, when she returned, she was played by Nell Tiger Free Obviously, the reason for the replacement is the same reason why they replaced the first actor of Tommen As the feared older brother of the Clegane, the Mountain is one of the most terrifying warriors from Westeros And although he managed to survive until the penultimate episode of the series, he has suffered An important transformation along the way Before, being a warrior without mercy that served the Lannisters, the Mountain was about to be torn down for a spearhead poisoned during his duel with Oberyn Martell in the fourth season

From there, he became a kind of dumb zombie, being loyal only to Cersei But that has not been the only transformation that the Mountain has undergone during the series, since in reality it was interpreted by no less than three different actors In the first season, when he almost killed Loras Tyrell, he was played by Conan Stevens, an actor Australian In the second season, the Mountain almost didn't appear, but when he started stealing More scenes, was played by the Welsh actor Ian Whyte Since the fourth season, He was in charge of the fearsome and intimidating Icelandic Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

Sure, being covered from head to toe with iron armor, it didn't seem to matter much that This huge man has changed his face three times The Tarly family is not exactly Westeros most important house, but fans more cunning they knew her quite well over the years The most significant member The family is Samwell Tarly, the adorable lover of the Night Watch books and frequent companion of Jon Snow Sam proved to be the heart and soul of the series a and again, but not as popular with his own family In the sixth season, when Sam arrived at Horn Hill with his girlfriend Gilly, received a cold welcome from his severe father, Randyll, who clearly favors Sam's handsome and accomplished brother, Dickon

During season six, Freddie Stroma of the Harry Potter saga appeared as Dickon However, the schedule problems forced him to leave the series, so that Tom Hopper, of Black Sails, intervened with great success Unfortunately, the weather Hopper and Dickon also finished, since both he and his father Randyll were burned alive by Daenerys when they refused to kneel before her in the seventh season Easy Come Easy Go Most fans will be familiar with Stannis Baratheon, who, as a brother of King Robert, he firmly believed that he was the legitimate heir of the Iron Throne But some may not remember his wife, Selyse Baratheon

While Stannis fought by the Throne with Melisandre's help, Selyse remained loyal After all, it remained with her husband in several battles, as well as in her obvious attraction to her own Melisandre When Stannis used his daughter Shireen as a human sacrifice, Selyse finally he took his life, only for Stannis to face his final defeat in battle hours later When Selyse was introduced, he was not an important character, being seen simply in some moments near Stannis or Melisandre At that time, it was played by Sarah MacKeever, being more than just an extra without dialogues However, when Selyse's role is expanded, the show chose a most revered actress for the role: Tara Fitzgerald, who He became famous when he performed alongside Ralph Fiennes in Hamlet on Broadway in the mid from the 90s

The first episode of Game of Thrones ended in a rather shocking final scene The young Bran Stark was pushed from a tall tower after finding Jaime and Cersei in a sexual encounter Bran survived the fall, however, he lost his mobility and finally he won amazing powers, since he could travel through time and space, becoming the heir of the Three Eye Crow When the public finally met the mysterious Three Eye Crow in the fourth season, it looked quite different than it would be later Originally interpreted by Struan Rodger, Bran meets the Raven first while being omniscient It hides in an isolated tree

When the Three Eye Crow returned to the series in his sixth season, Rodger had been replaced by legendary actor Max von Sydow, better known for movies like The Exorcist and Flash Gordon Since then, it has been the new Crow of von Sydow who has guided Bran through the secrets of the past, present and future of Westeros Game of Thrones is full of villains and antagonists, but few are more sinister or mysterious than the King of the Night, the leader of the White Walkers The walkers, that reside far north of the wall that separates Westeros from the north, were not considered previously more than a terrifying legend, until proven otherwise At throughout the series, the public saw the King of the Night perform several despicable acts, from turning a baby into a White Walker to tearing down one of the loved ones Daenerys dragons

Although the character comes to life through an impressive prosthetic makeup, to as the series progressed, the spectators with sharp eyes realized that the King of the Night looked a little different than when we first met him Before of the sixth season, he was played by Richard Blake, but finally the role was for Vladimir Furdik, an actor from Slovakia Although the creators of the series have never Given a concrete reason for the change, Furdik may have won the role Thanks to his experience, proving to be outstanding in his battle skills Throughout the development of Game of Thrones, Beric Dondarrion lived literally several lives In the first season, he served as a member of a search group sent by Ned Stark to bring the Mountain to justice However, when the War in Westeros, he joined a group called the Brotherhood Without Banners, who, through from their loyalty to the Lord of Light, they followed Beric, as he is constantly resurrected from the dead by his resident Red Priest, Thoros de Myr

Later, Beric he helped Jon Snow in his fight against the White Walkers, traveling north of the Wall to get more information about these mysterious and ancient creatures David Michael Scott played Beric during the first season However, starting of the third, the Irish actor Richard Dormer took the reins Fortunately, Beric's change in appearance is quite easy to explain in the Game universe of Thrones, considering that he died several times off the screen before the spectators will meet him for the second time Watch one of our most recent videos here! Also, more videos of Looper about Game of Thrones will come very soon

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