-Thank you so much for coming back to the show Thank you for playing charades

-That was fun -I do want to say, I do think I won But it's okay no big deal -I


-I said "Game of Thrones" -We needed to play back then -I kind of — Well

-No No "well" We were on the same team

-Okay -What is sway queen? -Yeah, see, I lost it for us I sucked I need wine to play -Is that — -Wine? All you had to do is listen to me

Like, I was trying to — -Your "Dancing Queen" wasn't that good -Oh, my God Hilarious Are you guys "Game of Thrones" fans? -Yes -Oh, my God

-Die hard -Really? -I'm so sad it's done -Me, too -I kind of went through that depression I was just like

-I was bummed out -I was like, "Oh What are we gonna watch? -What do we do Sunday nights? -What did you think of the ending? Did you like it? [ Laughter ] -I did I mean, I was hoping someone else was on the throne -I — yeah I love Queen of Dragons

-And I was obsessed with Jon Snow -I also like having the secret of what's going to happen, because you don't — It's almost the magic That's the fun of it -Rightis guessing like, what is this going to be about? No spoilers, no spoilers

-Oh, no spoilers? -Yeah -Why? -Why are you laughing? -Did you spoil "Game of Thrones"? -She did The Spoil Queen over here -Oh, my — Okay, first of all — -First of all, she's the Sway Queen -Yeah

-We don't even talk about that -Sway Queen -We don't talk like that Wait, you spoiled "Game of Thrones?" -Yes For two people

-Yeah For Artem and her husband, Bryan, but honestly, I feel like it wasn't my fault, because if you didn't watch the finale when the finale aired, that's your fault if it gets ruined -No! No, that is absolutely wrong No, that is absolutely wrong -No

-I think it's up to a year now You have a year to not tell [ Laughter ] -But I feel like people were, like, at bars -No -Like, watching it like it was the NBA Finals or something

-You can't talk to each other anymore for a year And then you can talk about it -I ruined it -What did Bryan do? Did he freak out? -He was very sad -He read the books like 20 or 30 years ago, whenever they came out, and then when the show came around, he was so invested, and he'd tell us, like, what they would do different, and we don't really read books

[ Laughter ] -What are you talking about? -We just watch TV -So, we were in Napa Valley, like, getting ready to party for BottleRock, and Bryan was right in the other room, and I didn't know — -No, he was playing with Birdie right there when you were talking to Artem -And I said something like, "Bryan, can you believe who is sitting on the throne?" And he goes, "What?" I'm like, "Oh, Jon Snow — he, like, put a dagger in the Queen of Dragon's heart" And he looked at me and, like, wanted to cry — -Wait, did you just spoil it again for people that haven't spoiled? -Oh, my God -You can't — -Oh, yeah, the year rule

-Dude, you can't — -Oh, shoot -You can't spoil — You just spoiled it for millions of people -Can you bleep me out? -No! We're live right now Everyone's seen it -Oh, my gosh, you guys

I'm sorry [ Laughter ] -She's not -Stop! -She's not sorry -Stop She's joking

That's not what happened -I'm the Sway Queen -It's not what happened -Oh, my gosh I feel terrible

-Don't be such a Sway Queen, you guys -I'm such a Sway Queen And then Artem, like, we were taking a cute photo and I looked at him, and and I'm like, "You'll never Jon Snow me?" And he goes, "What?" I go, "Finale" And he's like, "Did you just ruin it for me?" I'm like, "Oh, my God

You just flew in from Europe I'm so sorry" Like, I forgot -Was it the same day? -Yeah -The same day

-I can't believe — -I blame the wine -I want to talk about your wine, but you know what I really want to ask you is, since I saw you last, you both retired from WWE -Yeah -That must have been tough for you guys -It is

-I mean, for you, you're a mom, but, um -What? -Well, I mean, meaning it was her decision but for me — -Okay

Or your ovaries — -But, like, for me, I really wanted to go back and fight for the tag titles and, you know, I've always had my neck issues, and after neck surgery, like, it hasn't been okay, and so I felt like I needed to get that check-up before we went back for the tag titles and then it came back, I have — I herniated the disc above where I had surgery I have all this inflammation around the metal and then I have a cyst on my brain

-So they were like, "You're done No more You're out" So, I didn't get a choice -Okay

Well, I gave birth [ Laughter ] -Yeah [ Applause ] -Thanks -I want to talk about everything you're doing but I want to talk about "The Bellas Podcast

" -Oh, yeah -So what made you decide to do a podcast, and then were you happily surprised it's the number-one podcast on Apple? -Yeah, I mean — -We were -Before we even launched, to be number-one two days straight, we were like, "Oh, my gosh We haven't even launched yet" And that was incredible, and then we launched

We were four days straight in a row at number one, but, I mean, we're like open books, and I never thought we could be more open besides a reality show, and then there was a podcast world, and I'm like, "Yes! There's no ratings" 'Cause sometimes TV, you're PG-13, PG We get to be full-on "R" on our podcast, which I need — -You do? -Yeah -Do you get good at this from doing "Total Bellas"? -We feel like "Total Bellas" and WWE -Yeah

-Kinda two outrageous — -What is going on with "Total Bellas," by the way? Are you guys coming back for another season? -We actually are -So, we are -You are? -We got picked up! -That's the scoop! [ Cheers and applause ] -That's a spoiler That's a spoiler right there -Oh, my God

That is a spoiler -A spoiler -I don't even know if I'm allowed to say it but yeah -Hey, fab, whatever

-Yeah, I love it I agree -Slay Queen -Oh, I love it Total Slay Queen

-We love it when you guys come on Thank you so much -Thanks for having us -For all the things I want to talk about, everything that you have coming up, including your makeup line, your wine -Yeah

-There's so much -There's too much -I know -We're like Michael Strahan — we do it all -Exactly

Exactly Nikki and Brie Bella, everybody