In this video, I will discuss the fate of the Targaryens and how the prophecy in the books foreshadowed what had happened with Dany So stay tuned for that

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I post episode reviews, top 10 and theory videos So make sure to subscribe this channel, and if you wanna make sure you never miss a video, click the bell icon to turn on notifications In the first part of this video, I discussed the details I noticed in the series finale and the Stark’s storyline In this video, I’ll discuss my views on the Targaryen storyline So, let’s begin

In the finale, Jon & Dany were the last two Targaryens left in the world, and Jon had killed Dany I can see it as one of GRRM’s original ideas, because during the filming of season 1, somewhere around Ned’s beheading scene, George had told one of the directors, I think it was Alan Taylor, that it was a story about Jon and Dany And the Director was shocked to hear it And in a recent interview with the Official Making of Game of Thrones Blog, Isaac had confirmed that Bran’s ending was exactly as GRRM has planned in the books He said, [Showrunners] David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss] told me there were two things [author] George R

R Martin had planned for Bran, and that was the Hodor revelation, and that he would be king So that’s pretty special to be directly involved in something that is part of George’s vision It was a really nice way to wrap it up” I can see George planting the story of the NK as a red herring, making everyone think this is the song of Ice aka the WWs and Fire aka Jon & Dany, while he actually planned it to be a Song of Ice aka Jon and Fire aka Dany

But if this was his idea, we can see it was only a vague outline in his mind The way the story was rushed, it felt like it was roughly concluded and it would have been done in a much better way, if there had been more episodes and the build up had been better I’ve even heard some fans say that they doubt GRRM even had an ending planned and that’s why he decided to go with whatever D&D planned But given all the foreshadowings George has shown us in the books, I think he knows where he wants to go in the end, even if he hasn’t figured out how to get there One of these foreshadowings include the house of Undying’s prophecies

They called Dany the child of three and said, "three fires must you light one for life and one for death and one to love three mounts must you ride one to bed and one to dread and one to love

three treasons will you know once for blood and once for gold and once for love" I’ve already discussed this prophecy in my Dany’s journey and predictions part 2 video In that video, I’d said the betrayal for love could be either Jon or Jorah, but at that time I’d thought they’d betray her to save her or something

I guess I was wrong Anyways, season 8 sheds some new light on this prophecy Let’s take a look at the prophecy now Three fires Dany would light 1) One for life- which would be Drogo’s funeral pyre which gave life to her Dragons

2) One for death- it would be the burning of King’s Landing, which killed many people and indirectly caused Cersei’s death But in the books, I think it’ll be Jaime who kills Cersei 3) One to love- You might notice it’s one “TO” love, not “for” love So maybe it was a fire that would be loved by others, so it could either be the burning of the slave masters, or her killing the wights which saved Jon and the others? Three mounts she would ride 1) One to bed – Daario 2) One to dread – Drogon because he scares everyone

3) One to love – Maybe Jon or Drogo Three treasons will she know 1) Once for blood – Mirri because he betrayed Dany for revenge 2) Once for gold – I’d said in my Dany’s Journey & predictions video, that this gold might not be money, but House Lannister and that someone might betray Dany for house Lanniser, so I guess that would be Tyrion 3) Once for love – Jon, maybe he did it for the love of his family Even though he loved Dany he still killed her to save his sisters In the beginning, I was so mad at all the inconsistencies in the last three episodes and the way things were done, but after looking at these prophecies, and how GRRM might have envisioned it, I decided there wasn’t any problem with George’s story, but with the way it was told by D&D

I just wish they had done the usual 10 episodes season and had given it a little bit more time D&D had also made fun of the Iron Throne described by GRRM which looked like this in a fan art It shows a huge throne made of thousands of sword because in the show version, it doesn’t look like there are thousands of swords in it But Dany says when she was a little girl and couldn’t count more than 20, she envisioned the throne which basically described what George had explained Idk Maybe I'm thinking too much and this was probably just a joke BTW, I had another idea about the Dragon in the intro Do you remember what I’d said in my episode 1 review video? Assuming the story on the rings was not in reverse, and it was indeed the future, maybe this Dragon is Drogon and maybe he was taking Dany to the ruins of Valyria

Maybe he will find three dragon eggs there which he can hatch with his Dragonfire or something? There used to be a lot of dragons there before the Doom And no one who goes there survives So maybe they won't find out about him? I’ll read a few lines from Fire and Blood “Targaryens are Valyrian to the bone” “Valyria is accursed, all men agree, and even the boldest sailor steers well clear of its smoking bones…but we would be mistaken to believe that nothing lives there now

The things we found inside Aerea Targaryen live there now, I would submit…along with such other horrors as we cannot even begin to imagine So, let’s assume that Valyria was accursed and the Doom was designed to kill ALL the Valyrians But because Daenys the Dreamer saw the Doom of Valyria in her visions, the Targaryens fled Valyria and came to Dragonstone before the Doom “The Valyrians were more than dragonlords They practiced blood magic and other dark arts as well

” That might also explain why the gift of the sight remains in House Targaryen even though they are not wargs or seers like the Starks or the wildlings And I’d already explained my theory on why the Starks or the wildlings have these powers in my Stark Blood theory video I really hope that theory is true and they will show what really happened all those years ago in the prequel Anyways, in the books, both Jon & Dany also have prophetic dreams Dany’s is clearer than Jon’s though, probably because she is a full blooded Targaryen

In one of her visions, she sees a Dragon and hears a ripping sound in a great fire and everything burning around her even before Drogons were hatched Anyways, whether it was caused by the dark arts or someone had put a curse on them, the Doom remained in Valyria, because SOME Valyrians were still alive Although, some maesters believe that it was just the eruption of the Fourteen Flames aka the volcanoes of Valyria that destroyed it Drogon has gone to Valyria before, at least in the show Jorah and Tyrion have traveled through Old Valyria and have seen Drogon fly above it

There must be a reason why they showed Drogon going to their ancestral home Although, in the books, if they had gone to Valyria, it would have hurt Drogon, and Jorah and Tyrion would have been burned from the inside out, their eyes would have exploded, and fiery creatures would have been crawling under their skin At least that’s what had happened to princess Aerea Targaryen and Balerion the Black Dread, when Balerion had taken her to Valyria “Balerion had wounds as well” Euron was the only one who has claimed to have sailed there and has come back alive

Dany was the last full blooded Valyrian alive because Jon was half Targaryen and half Stark But Jon has always been more Stark than a Targaryen In the books, Jon can even warg into Ghost He probably won’t even count as a Valyrian What I am trying to say here is, everyone was wondering where Drogon has taken Dany

If Drogon took Dany aka the last dead Valyrian back to their ancestral home, would the curse on Valyria be lifted? Would it become safe for people to go there? I can’t wait to find out in the books Although, this would probably happen in “A Dream of Spring” and even Winds hasn’t come out yet Lemme know what you think about this theory Also, another passage from Fire and Blood would give you an insight on where Dany went wrong I’ll read the lines from the books

“The power of the Targaryens derives from their dragons, those fearsome beasts who once laid waste to Harrenhal and destroyed two kings upon the Field of Fire King Jaehaerys knows this, just as his grandsire Aegon did; the power is always there, and with it the threat His Grace also grasps a truth that Queen Rhaena does not, however; the threat is most effective when left unspoken The lords of the realm are proud men all, and little is gained by shaming them A wise king will always let them keep their dignity

Show them a dragon, aye They will remember Speak openly of burning down their halls, boast of how you fed their own kin to your dragons, and you will only inflame them and set their hearts against you” So, Dany burning down the small folks of King’s Landing would have inflamed and united all the lords of Westeros Even if Yara showed some loyalty to Dany in the end, that could be why no one fought very hard on killing Jon

BTW, I also noticed that Jon was not kept in the Black Cells, since those didn’t have any windows when Ned was there Being kept in the Black Cells in the complete dark is a way harsher punishment But it seems like Jon must have been kept in some upper level cells It could either be due to the fact that no one else knew the way to the black cells, or maybe they didn’t seem to think he needed a harsh punishment What do you think? Grey Worm was the only one who might have really wanted to avenge Dany

Another thing that didn’t make any sense was why was Greyworm waiting for a new king or queen to make a decision for Jon’s fate? He wouldn’t have been a subject of the new king And he shouldn’t have waited to avenge his queen’s death Dany had freed them and he has always been extremely loyal to Dany BTW Jon had betrayed Drogon too Drogon was on guard outside the throne room/building

He wouldn’t have let anyone else in, but when he saw Jon, he let him go inside It was kind of like his equivalent of accepting Jon as his dadAnd Jon had killed Dany

So why did Drogon left Jon alive and attacked the Iron Throne instead? It doesn’t matter if Jon was a Targaryen Even during the Dance of Dragons, Dragons have killed other Targaryens before Although, the fact that Dany had loved Jon might have been the thing that stopped him from killing Jon In the Fire and Blood, it was said that the dragons could sense their rider’s feelings or emotions and act accordingly What’s sad about the finale is the fact that Dany didn’t even get to sit on the Iron throne after going through so much to get there

Also, I think she touches the same sword she was about to touch in her vision in the House of Undying Do you remember my episode 5 promo pictures review video? I said jon was carrying two swords It turns out, the other hilt was not for another sword It was a dagger It was the same dagger Jon used to kill Dany

Although, I didn’t know he would use it for this purpose It’s the second time Jon has chosen honour over his love And Maester Aemon telling Jon that most men choose love over honor, might have been another foreshadowing This was the reason why I think that Jon was more honourable than Ned, because Ned had chosen love over honor, and Jon has chosen honor over love twice

First Ygritte and then Dany, where as Rhaegar and Ned were never able to choose honour over love As for how I felt about this season? I’ve seen the fan reactions and how divided they are over it Some absolutely loved it and some hated it For me, I loved the first three episodes Especially the Battle at Winterfell

I thought it was Epic But then, I hated episode 4 & 5 There were so many beautiful scenes in these episodes I don’t think you’ll ever find more beautiful scenes in any other series And the acting was great too, but story wise, I felt like it lacked something

There were too many plot holes in this season And I’m not even counting the cup or the water bottles or the camera in the show The fact that Dany was so focused on her enemies aka Cersei and her allies, yet she forgot about her enemy aka the Iron Fleet Or how Drogon couldn’t take out 10 ships in episode 4 but took out almost a hundred in episode 5, or that when Dany heard the bells, she decided to make it personal by attacking everyone else EXCEPT for the person who had actually killed Missendei, which actually made no sense Also, is it just me or was Drogon Larger in the Spoils of War’s EW picture? He seemed to have shrunk, when he was burning down the Iron Throne, just like Ghost and Grey Wind have also shrunk in the past

Like I’ve said before, even though I liked how it had ended for House Stark, I’m not completely on board with this season What about you? Anyways, it’s time for the comment shout out now Today’s comment shout out goes to Richard Hoppe, who said, “I LOVE this video! I completely missed the details you noticed Please do more videos like this for the other episodes of this season” So, what did you think of this episode? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments

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