♪ ("LIGHT OF THE SEVEN" BY RAMIN DJAWADI PLAYS) ♪ Hi, I'm Robert Ball and I'm the illustrator behind Game of Thrones' Beautiful Death series For eight seasons, I've recreated the iconic deaths for each episode right after it ends

I think my most successful pieces really talk about what their death means for the show going forward rather than just having a clever way of mirroring the death scene It's been bigger than I expected To put it mildly, it's been quite overwhelming You can never really become the illustrator you want to be, but it's something you can work on There's something meditative about it


You are responsible for the thing you create What you create is in the limits of your capabilities as well My successes are my successes, and my failures are my failures This will be the 74th poster in the Beautiful Death series Feels really weird that it's over

It's gonna take a while to to absorb It was a perfect Game of Thrones mix of

tragedy and surprise, and try and communicate that in an image, that's what I've got to do in the next few days So, really, I'm looking at what would make a strong silhouette Almost like storyboarding, really, just trying to get a really quick idea of what's going to scan instantaneously

There isn't that much time to reflect because, um, usually, I would take two or three weeks to a month on an illustration, and this is done in five days ♪ (MUSIC CONTINUES) ♪ Looking for things I could use in this week's Beautiful Death, I've never used the Iron Throne The Iron Throne that Daenerys never got to sit on herself, which I though was poignant and maybe, I could use that to describe how the kingdom had been chopped up I think I've got the basis of this week's Beautiful Death If you're creating content around a show, why not make it as creative as possible? It's what the fans deserve and it's what the show deserves

Plus, who said death couldn't be beautiful? ♪ (MUSIC CONCLUDES) ♪