, * Theme music * "Game of Thrones" is over and we can not stop to talk about the beloved series Of course, we will also turn to other topics, but we can not get past it, to take a nostalgic look at the series and I want to summarize my 10 favorite episodes, to get a feel for it again, what a great show we got

In the end, Jonas will be his top 10 to present the best episodes of "Game of Thrones" and you may decide which list is better So stay tuned Welcome to a new special here on Cinema Strikes Back * Film music * We start at the beginning "Winter is coming", the first episode of the entire series


10th place, this decision is not arbitrary: When "Game of Thrones" appeared, it was not self-evident that such a complex fantasy series can work in the middle ages garb Not for nothing have the showrunner David Benioff and DBWeiss over $ 10 million with a pilot set in the sand, which was discarded again With the first episode they have managed a serious balancing act: This episode manages to whet your appetite for more throw in the middle of the plot and yet entertaining all the entanglements of the world If you look at the first episode again after all these years, is fascinating to see how much it already has from King Robert's love for Lyanna, the Dragon Eggs and the murder of Jon Arryn, probably the most confused intrigue of the whole storyline * Film music * For me it was love at first sight

I followed the series week by week and even the pilot took off my shoes I really wanted to know how it goes on with the green guy Jon Snow, the little boy climbing and the fearful bride from overseas Nevertheless, the series felt like a special interest How damn good fantasy, for the big world success too complex and too special But then the series showed with the ninth episode of the first season, what is in her

She did something what Alfred Hitchcock did in "Psycho": In a completely surprising act the protagonist Eddard Stark was beheaded In the middle of the capital, just like his brother Brandon and his father Rickard 2 decades earlier So the series made clear: We do not care which standards apply on television The action develops organically and this is where complex intelligent figures meet who go over dead bodies for their goals * Film music * So the series became world famous over the years and the forums filled with fan-theories about fan-theories

Something like this has never happened before Then some interesting things happened The King-of-the-Wall was executed, Jon Snow became the new Lord Commander of the Night Watch and Cersei tried the power of her young son, King Tommen, to strengthen For that she even armed the fanatical sparrows, who with zeal defend the belief in the seven Cercei believes that she can use the sparrows for her own purposes

And zack, lets the High Sparrow lock them in the dungeon She has to be free because of her incestuous sins to do the Walk of Atonement, the bare penitence through the streets of Königsmund Her hair is cut, even shaved off in the books There was only one other person in history who we know made this walk: the mistress of Lord Tytos Lannister, Tywin Lannister's father So Cercei's grandfather

When Tytos died, Tywin banished his mistress from Casterlystein She refused to leave and so he dragged her naked on the streets Thus, it is an ironic moment of fate, that Tywin's daughter has to go through the same thing like the mistress of his father The 5th season is repeatedly criticized for that she takes too much time, but with the Walk of Atonement we have one of the biggest shocks of television history * Film music * By this time the fight against the wildlings was already over

In Season 4, the big clash occurred the night watch and the wildlings on the wall There was a specific episode Jonas will talk about that himself, I want a sequence back to the 8th episode of the 4th season: "The Mountain and the Viper" For me, Season 4 is without a doubt the best of the entire series Joffrey has been murdered, Ramsay tortures Theon to madness and Sansa is smuggled out of the capital, because there is a lot of excitement there

Cersei believes that Tyrion is to blame for Joffrey's assassination It comes to the court fight against the mountain, Gregor Clegane After some back and forth, Oberyn Martell from Dorne decides to fight for Tyrion, not entirely unselfish: When Robert won the throne, Mountain Rhaegar found Targaryen's wife or how we learn about non-spouse Elia Martell, the sister of Oberyn Martell, in the Red Keep She was there with her young son Aegon The mountain hurled the toddler against the wall, killing it and stained Elijah with her son's blood

Then he raped her on the spot and tore her head The world of ice and fire feels so real, too because there are people of all sorts, and with the mountain, there is also a real monster So does Ramsay Snow, who becomes Ramsay Bolton in this episode We also see how Sansa is evolving and for the first time the game of thrones plays and lies

A great episode with a final fight, which takes many turns and leaves you screaming with your hands in front of your face * Film music * If you know "Game of Thrones", you know the 9th episodes always a big battle or huge changes within the plot Director Neil Marshall tapped us with "The Watchers on the Wall" a beautifully filmed and almost perfectly staged spectacle It's one of the few episodes that only play in one place The army of Mance Rayder is with thousands of wildlings, Giants and mammoths arrived at the wall

If that were not enough, the Black Fortress will become on the other side of the wall of Tormund, Ygritte and other wildlings attacked Every little death hurts in this episode We suffer with the few brothers of the night watch, who want to fulfill their duty and fight desperately against a huge superiority On the other hand, we also have desperate wildlings, who just want to go to the other side of the wall, to seek protection from the White Wanderers There are so many great moments in this episode

The biggest fire the north has ever seen! Mammoths! Giants! Giants riding on mammoths! Giants shooting giant spears like arrows! The Bossfight between Tormund and Ser Alissar Thorn! And of course the most tragic thing of all: the dying Ygritte lying in Jon's arms saying: – You know nothing, Jon Snow "The Watchers on the Wall" is for me, what should be "The Long Night": a great staged battle, in which one fancies every second and even the demise of a minor character one emotionally beating into the hospital * Film music * This is the best season in the series, and she came to an end with the episode "The Children" This episode is one of the best in the entire series There are so many legendary moments in this episode that you can hardly believe that they all take place in a single episode

Stannis Baratheon meets Mance Rayder and Jon Snow Qyburn transforms the severely injured mountain in Ser Robert Tywin forces his daughter to marry Loras Tyrell and in a scene with an incredible spectacle she threatens to reveal her incestuous relationship with Jaime and bring shame on the house Lannister It happens so much more Daenerys finds out that her adolescent dragon have killed a child and chained her

Jon buries Ygritte The tour group of the far north is attacked by revenants and can save himself just like that with the help of leaf There, Bran meets the three-eyed raven, at least his first version when one still wondered what role greening will play in the plot Tyrion is to be executed, which his brother Jaime does not allow On the run from Königsmund Tyrion finds his beloved Shae in his father's bed and strangles her, to shoot Tywin in the bathroom and finally hear from him the one great truth in his life: Tywin always wanted to see his small-headed son dead

In this episode, Brienne also finds Arya and fight against Sandor, which she can defeat with great effort Arya leaves her kidnapper to die and gives the coin to a captain, that she once got from Jaqen H'ghar, to travel to Braavos I could watch this scene a million times, especially since no one ever said cooler "Valar Dohaeris" as this man, Gary Oliver – Valar Dohaeris Jonas, again That just sounds too good in my ears

– Valar Dohaeris * Film music * The incredible quality of Season 4 should never reach "Game of Thrones" again, which concerns the errors, confusions and intrigues in Königsmund The capital now has a belief in the seven and Tommen has fallen for the Hohen Sparrow For Cersei an absurdity So she takes her legendary and cunning revenge: In an act of unimaginable ruthlessness chases them in the episode "The Winds of Winter" the entire septa of Baelor in the air and so are the Tyrells, the Sparrows, and their uncle Kevan a history once and for all

Tommen then plunges into death Even outside the capital, things are about: Arya uses her new skills and avenge the death of her brother Robb We see the citadel from the inside for the first time and Bran sees in one of his visions the birth of Jon Snow aka Aegon Targaryen This season has one of the best finals ever and Dany finally has everything it needs to sail to Westeros One of the biggest moments of the entire series

* Film music * The entire series begins with a nerve-racking prologue in which the 3 frontier workers Ser Waymar Royce, Will and Garrett for the first time encountering the White Wanderers A horror of unimaginable cold, so captivating and tearing, that as a spectator the throat is tied up We learn that the insane stories Old Nan of the Long Night, which took place millennia ago, repeat The Night King comes and towards the end of Season 5 Jon finds himself north of the wall in the village Hartheim again So this episode is called "Hardhome"

Here, the first half hour continues first in the south Daenerys again makes Tyrion her adviser in Meereen and violates Jorah In Braavos, Arya is said to be training for the faceless kill a dishonest insurance agent In Winterfell, Sansa learns of Theon, that her brothers Bran and Rickon are still alive But the true highlight of the episode is everything that follows: Jon tries to take the wildlings to the Black Fortress and after a long discussion, they agree

But then they are from the White Wanderers surprised with their revenants An icy struggle for life and death breaks out, in which Jon gets in front of a General of the Night King and win only with the last of your strength He even finds out that even valyrian steel withstands the ice weapons of the White Wanderers The Night King raises his arms and shows that with every soldier you lose in the fight against him, creates another enemy * Film music * Meanwhile, "GoT" is famous for its gigantic battles, but there was a time when everything was different

Season 1 still convinced with explosive dialogues, highly interesting figures and individual fights on the streets Who did not curse this Lannister foot soldier, the sneaky Eddard Stark in the fight against Jaime a spear rammed in the leg? In Season 2 Stannis moved closer with his units and put everything on a map He attacked Königsmund from Drachenstein, at the Schwarzwasserbucht This brings us to "Blackwater" I kept saying it in our episode reviews, this is my personal favorite episode, even though she is only on the 3 in this video

No episode of "GoT" I've seen more often than this one I do not know where to start, to give just praise for this episode Everything fits here: the locations, the camera work, the effects, the entire course of the battle, the stunts, the choreography, the dramaturgy, the dialogues It's filmmaking par excellence Especially since you are thrilled with both sides, both with the defenders and with Stannis

At the end you sit with trembling knees and open mouth and watches Cersei as she sits on the Iron Throne and is ready to poison their own son, Stannis should succeed in the conquest * Film music * The prize for the best battle of the entire series undoubtedly goes to "The Battle of the Bastards", 2nd place The wears itself outside the walls of Winterfell Jon has been revived by Melisandre and has with his sister Sansa or quasi non-sister team, to free his home from the clutches of Ramsay No matter what the showrunners are about the battle against the Night King from Season 8 say, this episode has to be the most captivating and rousing battle TV story written

This episode also begins elsewhere: Daenerys destroys the slaveholders with their dragons and Theon and Yara reach Meereen, to join the Dragon Queen In Winterfell, Jon proposes another duel but Ramsay prefers to defend his castle with all his men and kill in front of Jon's eyes Rickon Stark, who can not even walk zigzag After all, his death had a function After all, his existence had something to do with the plot This sequence lets one stop the air from beginning to end

Just like Jon, in a big tangle of people For almost the second time blessing "The Battle of the Bastards" shows us a medieval battle as dirty as it should be The showrunners also show how they always manage to to change the apparent victor of the battle again and again, to captivate the viewer This has succeeded with this episode to the smallest detail * Film music * This brings us to the best episode of the entire series

For me that was a self-run, there's no big doubts There was an event in the third of the books, "A Storm of Swords," that I found so shocking that I closed the book and had to throw it out of my hands This event takes place in the series course in one of the great 9th episodes, more precisely in the 9th episode of the 3rd season This episode is called "The Rains of Castamere" At first, Brans group separates, Dany plans to take Yunkai and Jon has to show where his loyalties lie

For Robb Stark is actually a party announced: Because he fell in love with Talisa Maegyr, he spurned the promised daughter of Walder Frey Now his uncle Edmure ironed out this betrayal and agrees to marry for his family Roslin Frey A wedding is coming up and a new alliance between the Starks and the Freys Then show the old Walder Frey, his co-conspirator Roose Bolton and the big mastermind of the whole, Tywin Lannister, what wood they are carved from They whistle on the sacred right of guest, to which in the books Catelyn Strongly points a billion times, and kill Robb Stark and his fellow travelers

Roose Bolton stabs the king of the north, so that he can be beheaded His Shadowwolf Gray Wind is also murdered His mother Catelyn cut her throat Shortly before, she goes insane in the books and starts to laugh from the bottom of his neck Then she is thrown into the river and resurrected as a river-like, to be vengeful Lady Stoneheart to assassinate one Lannister sympathizer after another

Unfortunately, that was not the case in the series The Red Wedding is Robb Stark's campaign past the south in one go, and that though the boy wolf did not lose a single battle You can not talk about this episode You can only experience it Now let's show my top 10 in their entirety

Right next to it you can see the top 10, Jonas' personal top 10 Look at the two lists and decide, which list you find better If you find my list better, write #Alper in the comments If you find Jonah's list better, write #Jonas in the comments This is the Battle of the Bastards Vol

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