– I'm already mad I'm already mad

Ugh – I broke your headphones I'm pissed ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) Well, are you ready? – Yes What are we doing? – (FBE) Today, we're doing one of our reactors' favorite challenges


– Never mind, I'm not ready – That's so bittersweet I feel like that goes– that can go either way – That sounds sarcastic – (FBE) So, just kidding

This is a try not to get mad challenge – I'm mad already I'm mad that this is happening – I don't think I get mad easily, but there are definitely certain things that push my buttons Anything that has to do with being cruel to another person, which I feel like is always what I'm shown

– I'm in such a good mood, 'cause I drank coffee this morning and now you're gonna put me in a [bleep] mood, so all right, let's get to it ♪ Gucci gang ♪ ♪ Gucci gang, Gucci gang ♪ – Such a beautiful creature ♪ Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang ♪ – I already know how this is gonna go Just gonna say [bleep] "Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang" (buzzer) – I already hate this

(buzzer) – That's a good song I don't know why people get mad about this – Actually, I [bleep] with this – Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang Do it for the full six minutes

I'm here I'm ready for it – I feel like most of these challenges start off really easy and then they get harder – If you repeated it a few more times, it would have really got me, but I think that one was fine – (narrator) A rare super bloom of poppies is blanketing southern California

– I went there – (narrator) Thousands of people are showing up every day to get a glimpse While taking a picture seems innocent, California poppies are fragile and can be destroyed easily – I am angry Nature is important

(buzzer) – (narrator) Park officials created the hashtag Don't doom the bloom to educate influencers, but it's not stopping anyone – No, of course not – (narrator) Nearly 150,000 posts are tagged Superbloom – People are so [bleep] stupid So [bleep] stupid

It's like we don't even care about this planet we're living on (buzzer) – (narrator) Nearly 150,000 posts are tagged Superbloom – Yeah, this one makes me kinda mad (buzzer) – (woman) So, we came out here because I wanted to get into– – LA resident, influencer – Ugh

– (woman) I wanted to get into doing more stuff that was more outdoorsy in LA, 'cause being downtown, you don't do it as much – Just lay in the [bleep] flowers that are being killed (buzzer) – (woman) Kind of like the photos of being one with the Earth and being more natural – I just want to lay on these flowers because that's what people in nature do – (woman) I think what pulls people in is just wanting to have that magazine moment

– I like the disclaimer – (woman) You just have the camera, maybe a reflector and you're good – Poppies make for a good aesthetic, so I get it, but [bleep] dumbasses Ugh (buzzer) – My hatred will come out in laughter, 'cause it's not like I'm really mad at them, I'm just like, why are– I don't under– – When I went there, there was a whole wire that was basically blocking everything and people literally ripped it and then just ran straight into the poppies

There was maybe a hundred people that did it and the cops were literally writing fines and stuff, 'cause it's getting so bad Yeah, I guess I'm a little mad (buzzer) ♪ Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang ♪ – [Bleep] you (buzzer) ♪ Gucci gang, Gucci gang ♪ – It still slaps – I'm still feeling it

I'm still feeling it – No, I'm done with this (buzzer) ♪ Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang ♪ – This is awesome This is such a good break from being mad all the time ♪ Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang ♪ – It's definitely getting to me now

(buzzer) – Can get through the first time, but if you just keep doing it over and over and over, then it's like, okay, okay You win that time (buzzer) – As a musician, when I hear music like that I do get annoyed You don't have to suck, people just are lazy and then people just listen to it 'cause they're lazy and everyone's lazy

– (FBE) So, now even though this is a try not to get mad challenge, we still aren't heartless, to give away spoilers, so to our fans at home, if you're a Game of Thrones fan, skip to the next piece of the video if you don't want spoilers, but to our reactors, sorry, you don't really have a choice – I'm all caught up, so it's not gonna be a spoiler, but I know what you're gonna play – No, the one week that I go a couple days without watching it No, no, no, no, no No, no

I lost the challenge already I'm so angry Don't show me, don't show me I can't watch (buzzer) – [Bleep] this scene! Oh my God

All right yeah, we're gonna build up Jamie's character arc for [bleep] six seasons and throw it out the window We're waiting for Cersei to die somehow and then we get killed by Dwayne the Rock Johnson? This is bull [bleep] I broke your headphones I'm pissed (buzzer) – I don't know what's going on

– I've never seen Game of Thrones I'm the two percent of the population that doesn't watch it – Oh, they about to die? – (man) Nothing else matters – This [bleep] show, dude Jamie's whole arc just completely erased

(buzzer) – Are they related? I feel like everyone in the show is just dating someone they're related to – See, I didn't mind this I thought this being the finish– because Jamie throughout the entire series has always been super flip floppy with his relationship with Cersei – See ya Boom, sayonara

– I don't watch Game of Thrones, but I'm sure if I did, that seems a little upsetting – The try not to get angry is spoiling Game of Thrones Okay – (FBE) Were you gonna watch it? – I might have I might have watched it

So I'm a little bit angry (buzzer) – (man) Most people get blood in– – I have seen this – The Starbucks coffee cup – I didn't even notice the coffee cup when I first saw it I was focused on Tormund, 'cause Tormund is [bleep] hilarious

– (man) Enough of the wall – I mean they're in Winterfell I'm sure it gets cold You need Starbucks – You left the [bleep] Starbucks, or coffee kiosk coffee cup in Game of Thrones

What's wrong with you? I'm all triggered just talking about it (buzzer) – Out of everyone on that set, no one had continuity or knew that there was– (buzzer) – She's literally sitting right there I mean, I don't wanna blame Emilia Clark because she's great, but [bleep] this show (buzzer) – I feel like it's funny and it reminds us that there are actual humans making these shows and [bleep] happens – (man) I'm gonna tell you how to succeed in life

– I need this [bleep] – (man) Is my forte This is what I love to study is success and I'm gonna give you about six or seven tips – Okay, free tips Why not? – Man, this is like the beginning of a pyramid scheme

– (man) Number one on the list is– – I wanted to hear it – I can't hear anything Oh, I get it (buzzer) – I need to know Oh no

– (man) And for me, (loudly) success is– – Oh, that scared me – (man loudly) Success is shallow – What was that about? That's so [bleep] up (buzzer) – (man loudly) Success is shallow – Oh my God, what's going on? – God damn

– Yo Ah, [bleep] you guys (buzzer) – (man loudly) The lasting happiness that you can get with that – Did I lose? – (FBE) You made a little bit of a face there You weren't too happy

– I was not (buzzer) – That's just endurance I can survive that – (FBE) Hey, I think you made it through that one – Wow, one

Congrats to me ♪ Gucci gang, Gucci gang ♪ – How many times is this in here? This is the third one ♪ Gucci gang, Gucci gang ♪ – I feel like this is just a try not to laugh challenge at this point I'm gonna do it again ♪ Gucci gang, Gucci gang ♪ – I see what you're doing here

It's getting me (buzzer) ♪ Gucci gang, Gucci gang ♪ – Are you [bleep] kidding me? If I was the tiger, I would eat him alive (buzzer) ♪ Gucci gang, Gucci gang Gucci gang, Gucci gang ♪ – I'm done Stop, no Stop it

(buzzer) – Enjoy it a little bit less this time, but still, I'm here for it ♪ Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang ♪ – I'm telling you, you could play that ten more times and I'll still be like It's cool

– If he was gonna go on one more time, I was gonna take these off – For our last video, we're gonna show you a trailer from a film that has Twitter pretty outraged – Okay, interesting – (man) I don't charge for my advice – I'm already mad

I'm already mad Ugh – (FBE) You've seen this? – Yes I just watched this the other day (buzzer) – (man) I don't charge for my advice

– (woman) Well you should – I don't know what this is – (woman) I saw this and I thought of you – What is this? – (man) Welcome to the Joe show I submitted myself to a radio station for my own show

– (drunk man) Congratulations – (man) They rejected me – I'm not sure what's to be mad about – (man) It has to be their own show If I was a black woman, I'd be perfect

– Oh no I don't like where this is going – (man 1) She's brilliant – (man 2) I know – (man 1) Get her in

– What the heck, dude? Who thought this was a good idea? (buzzer) – This isn't something I would be upset about This is something that is believable and would happen in actual society – (man) You live with Loquisha What's yo problem? – Oh my God – (man) Oh, I ain't talking to you

Not the way you sound Next caller – I can't watch this (buzzer) – Is this technically blackface but with voice? I don't like this (buzzer) – (woman) Hi Loquisha, it's Bri

– (man) Oh, I ain't talking to you Not the way you sound Next caller – What the [bleep]? You're kidding me This is an actual thing? This is pretty [bleep] racist

(buzzer) – (woman) Loquisha is a real role model for every African American woman on this planet – (scared woman) On a bridge above the river and I'm gonna jump – (man) Thanks for calling Enjoy your jump – I could see why Twitter got pretty mad at this

– (man) Thanks for calling Enjoy your jump – I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to lose this one You know, at first I was like, oh, you want me to be mad because this is just badly produced It's just upsettingly bad, but then he started doing the voice and I was like, no

Why'd you do that? (buzzer) – It's not probably the smartest thing to do right now You probably shouldn't be doing that in general I'm gonna be triggered about it, but I'm gonna be like, damn, that's kinda dumb – I hate how he's like, "If I was a minority, things would be so much easier for me" Okay, right

You've had it much easier your entire life because you are a straight, white man Just acknowledge your privilege That's just very upsetting – I have no reason to be mad at that That's a believable concept for something that would happen in the real world

In a bunch of TV shows that are animated where there's voice actors, you have voice actors that aren't that ethnicity doing those voices That happens all the time, so I can understand why people are outraged, but that's [bleep] life – (FBE) I think you won this challenge – I told you, it takes a lot to get me mad I try to be positive and stuff

You have to always kinda see the bright side to things – For the most part, I'm a very, very gentle person, but I'm definitely– I definitely got got in this – I don't get upset in life with people I'm like, okay, whatever Let's be chill, everyone, but when it comes to seeing things and having a feeling about them, I feel very strongly so I guess I thought I was a zen master, but I'm actually not

– Thanks for watching try not to get mad on FBE Shoutout to Yasumin Bandzz and Realistic Dog – We release new videos all the time, so Subscribe and hit the [bleep] bell – Ugh, bye – Hey everyone, Lauren, producer here at FBE

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