The magical worlds of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones have more in common than you think They share not only fire breathing dragons and spells, but also more than a dozen actors! Of the 14 actors who did double duty on these two productions, one is special because he played not one, not two, but six characters in Game of Thrones! So, stick around to find out who this super talented actor is

1 Jim Broadbent Remember Ebrose? The archmaester of the Citadel He appeared in the seventh season of Game of Thrones While this was in 2017 and you probably still remember him, the same can’t be said about the well-intentioned but nutty Professor Horace Slughorn, who came out of retirement to teach potions at Hogwarts Well, both these characters were played by the English actor Jim Broadbent


He also happened to have appeared in yet another fantasy movie, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, where he played Professor Digory Kirke He lets the children stay at his country estate during the war Seems like this guy loves being a professor on the big screen 2 Michelle Fairley We all know who Catelyn Stark was; the strong-willed Lady of Winterfell and the wife of Lord Eddard Stark

But do you remember seeing her in the Harry Potter movies? I had a real hard time recalling and finally had to ask Google Well, if you still can’t remember, let me remind you Michelle Fairley had a very brief appearance in the movie series as Hermione’s mother Hermione does a memory charm on her parents before beginning her mission to find and destroy Voldemort's Horcruxes Now that you have the clues, can you name which movie she made her appearance in? Tell us if you know in the comments below

3 Sally Mortemore The English actress Sally Mortemore appeared in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, where she played Madame Pince, the librarian of Hogwarts She can be seen sitting next to Severus Snape during the end-of-term feast and is also visible in the background of several other scenes In 2016 she made a cameo as an unnamed Braavosi woman in season 6 of Game of Thrones 4

Freddie Stroma Freddie Stroma played the role of a student at Hogwarts named Cormac McLaggen, who was a keeper in the Gryffindor quidditch team He’s the guy who annoyed Hermione during Professor Slughorn's Slug Club Christmas party In Game of Thrones, he appeared in the sixth season as Dickon Tarly, Samwell Tarly’s younger brother 5 Julian Glover You can’t be faulted for not seeing him in the Harry Potter movie

That’s because you don’t see him His was the voice of Aragog, Hagrid's giant spider friend who lives in the Forbidden Forest But any Game of Thrones fan would instantly recognize him as the Grand Maester who served under multiple kings 6 Nicholas Blane Nicholas Blane made a blink-and-you'll-miss appearance in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix as Bob, a wizard who worked with Arthur Weasley at the Ministry of Magic

In Game of Thrones, he has a slightly longer role as the Spice King of Qarth 7 Bronson Webb Bronson Webb played the role of an unnamed Slytherin student who happens to be a friend of Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban In Game of Thrones, he appeared as Will, a member of the Night's Watch who fled after encountering the White Walkers, and was later executed by Ned Stark for deserting his men Although it was a small role, it was memorable because he was the first in the show to see the White Walkers

The British actor has played roles in two other successful franchises, The Dark Knight Trilogy and the fantasy film series Pirates of the Caribbean starring Johnny Depp 8 Ralph Ineson Ralph Ineson played Amycus Carrow, a dark wizard and a Death Eater in three Harry Potter films His penchant for playing a ruthless character didn’t stop there In Game of Thrones, he played the Ironborn raider and reaver Dagmer Cleftjaw

He betrayed Theon Greyjoy at Winterfell, but soon met his nemesis when he and his men got captured by the sadistic Ramsay Bolton 9 Daniel Tuite In the Deathly Hallows Part 1, Daniel Tuite makes a quick appearance in a crowded hall as the "skinny ministry wizard" In Game of Thrones, however, he has the meatier role of Walder Frey's son Lothar Frey, replacing Tom Brooke, who played the same role in season 3 10

Edward Tudor-Pole Well, you probably didn’t see him in the Harry Potter movies That’s because he played Mr Borgin, an owner of Borgin and Burke's store, in a scene that was deleted from the theatrical release of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets But if you’re dying to see him in the film, watch the extended edition DVD Just like in the Harry Potter movie, he has a small part to play in Game of Thrones

He popped up as a ranting street preacher in a season two episode 11 Natalia Tena Natalia is one of the few actors who had a significant role in both the Harry Potter movies as well as Game of Thrones In the Harry Potter movies she played the purple-haired witch Nymphadora Tonks And remember, don’t call her Nymphadora, it’s Tonks

She joined the Game of Thrones cast as the fearless wildling spearwife Osha in the first season until she and Rickon Stark disappeared for some time during season four and five She then briefly appeared in the sixth season, before becoming a victim of Ramsey Bolton 12 David Bradley David Bradley played Argus Filch, the often-cruel caretaker at Hogwarts In the movies, he can usually be seen wandering around the school corridors with his cat Mrs

Norris, trying to catch students breaking the rules Filch is quite sadistic and is always lamenting that he’s not allowed to use medieval punishments on students However, this dream was realized in Game of Thrones when he got to play Walder Frey, the awful head of House Frey who betrayed the Stark family Here he committed one of the most violent acts on television, the Red Wedding 13

Ciarán Hinds Ciarán Hinds played Aberforth Dumbledore, Albus Dumbledore’s brother, in the final "Harry Potter" movie He replaced Jim McManus, who previously portrayed the role in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Fans of Game of Thrones will recognize him as Mance Rayder, leader of the Free Folk He held the title of "King-Beyond-the-Wall," and was a feared opponent of the Night's Watch, which he formerly served in as a black brother 14

Ian Whyte Standing at 7-foot-1, this British basketball player has played his fair share of giant characters on screen While not credited for his role in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, he stood for the full-body shots of Madame Olympe Maxime, the half-giant headmistress at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic So, in the movie you see his body, but not his face However, Ian Whyte more than compensated for not having his face in the Harry Potter movie by playing multiple characters on Game of Thrones, including a White Walker in seasons one and two, the giant Dongo the Doomed in seasons three and four, the giant Wun Wun in seasons five and six, two giant wights in season seven, and a giant wight in season 8 who ends up fighting Lyanna Mormont So, he’s actually played a role in each of the eight seasons of the TV series

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