Cora: Hi Guys & Dolls, Welcome Back! Gabrielle: Welcome back? Cora : WAKEUP! Gabrielle: Like Wake Up San fracisco? Cora: What Would the Oakland Vesion be? both : 'Sup! both: rollin' down the street, smokin' indo sipping on panda-cola Cora: Laid Back with orange chicken on my money and money on my orange chicken? Cora: guys and doll today I'm doing a collab with my best friend! Gabrielle Hi I'm Gabrielle, and I have the channel Musings of a Fox Cora: Gabrielle came up with this really great challenge Gabrielle: hopefully it's a great we'll have to see what happens

I came up with a challenge you have our husbands go out and buy us a full face of makeup Cora: so there's like like parameters they and like they had a budget G: They have hundred dollar budget have to do a full face we didn't tell them what a full face is that is up to them to decide C: we did give them a pass for certain items like if they couldn't find foundation, powder, primer, brows, and mascara we decided to give them a pass with that because those are very specific and honestly a full face for a hundred dollars is yeah it can be done but like they're newbies so we sent cut them some slack G: We sent them to a local area that has a Sephora, a Mac and an Ulta we weren't challenging them to find a hundred dollars in high-end exclusively C: but we also weren't limiting them to just inexpensive products that could get really buy whatever they want so we are actually gonna turn this video over to them they are going to vlog their experience of purchasing all of the makeup and then if you would like to see us opening the bags of makeup and applying all of the the things to our face G: and seeing what exactly they did to us: like an epic miracle or a complete disaster it's fun either way very fun yeah it's go ahead and turn it over to the boys! JOEL: my understanding is ladies have challenged us to each go blow $100 at game stop? No? Did I misunderstand this? Michael: I did something sneaky so I acted like I was grabbing our grocery bags but I really just grabbed all her "back to MAC" Joel: Sweet! I wish Gabbi Had any right now Michael: oh no there's enough for both of us! Joel: OH shit Awesome! M: So yeah we're gonna go ahead and get a free lipstick so we don't have to buy that OFF TO THE MALL Michael: uh we should ask for help MAC Artist: Hi Guys! Are you twinsies? Joel: No MAC Artist: Do people ask you that all the time? Joel: Yep But we're not related at all MAC: Not related? Just Besties? I love that! OK What's Up? JOEL: so our wives have told us they want us to come in and try to procure a face for them and we have we have a hundred bucks to do it with we at least don't have to worry about foundation my wife changes three times a year depending on how sunny it is she's like don't do that you'll mess it up! and we also stole their back to MAC to make it a little bit easier what can you back from? I know that you can't do for Viva Glam right? MAC: Yes, You can do any of the regular Lipsticks, Any of the regular Lipglasses, and then any small eyeshadows Joel: Like the tins, or the pots? all right I should probably choose the MAC: except for Extra Dimension and Dazzle Shadow Michael: I should probably choose a color M: I have no plans on anything other than it's gonna be hooker red this is Cockney that's kind of that's kind of cool J: gonna make Cora doa classy hooker look? M: Well that's my thing is "Hooker Red"! that's Cockney also what the hell why is there Cockneys? Cute girl: Could you tell me the name of the vlog? Michael: vintageortacky


Look, you're gonna have someone searchin' ya! Vintage Or All one word tacky

Right there at the top Yay New People! Michael: do we need eyeliner? Joel: Gaby said the NYX ones are closer like six bucks yeah M: there was one that Cora really liked and I can't remember what it was called Joel: my problem I think I'm running into is Gabrielle conflates my ability to "throw shade" about a look with knowing what a look is supposed to have M: ok

where's the urban decay? M: yeah let's see the problem is she has all these palettes it would make it easy if I could just buy a palette Michael: AH-HA! palette heaven Joel: did they say you were only allowed one palette? M: if you want to get a palette, yes Joel: because I did already get one M: you kind of hosed yourself on that one J: I mean I could always cheat what are they gonna do send us back out? we're bringing lunch! like fine send me back out, and I'm taking your lunch with me M: when did make it so expensive? J: I'm almost out of budget

and that's like $30 bucks Sephora: Are you finding everything alright? Michael : NOOOOOOOOO hahahahahha Sephora: What are you doing? M: we're doing a makeup challenge it's a hundred dollars husband's Sephora: Are you trying to be serious? M: Yeah! we're trying to be serious S: beauty to go! M: Beauty to go? J: this is your fault and this is why we're here M: that is why we're here J: you had to know what this was a "beauty blender" I blame you! M: I blame me too but you know what I like these little guys little micro ones they're so cute J: all I need is the eyeliner and like maybe a brow pencil I should be good J: I need to do some quick math M: Some"MACTH"? J:I hate both of us for that M: and now we're headed into Barnes & Noble cuz yeah but we need to do something for ourselves M: Barnes was a disappointment J: wamp wamp

J: we're at Ulta now M: this is the last shop I mean if I can't find it it's not gonna happen J: yeah this is gonna be like the breaking point budget I'm gonna be I'm gonna be I'm gonna be tickling that budget like right in the naughty bits Random people: CAN I BE IN YOUR VLOG? HI MOM!!! M: Oh you found THE AREA! illuminating highlight powder! What? J: what is this thing? J: felt tip liner? M: that's crazy J: that's kind of cool tho J: So M & J: hang on hang on, hang on J: This is eye and browand that's $399 and this is $4

99 for mechanical eyeliner I might be able to do both! J: I'm so close to making it! M, (whining): I don't know what to buuuuyyy like this would probably be the best for her skin but I don't think it's close enough to her skin M: that is WHITE J: Dude, do you need to see how that swatches *offers hand* M: BOOM! this is WHHHIte J: Yeah but it blends out M: now that's on you forever! J: meh Just keep blending Michael! M: this is where I put it J: NO! Dude you step in dog shit when you walk around, do not do that! that's disgusting M: I got a quick question! YAY A person! M: I am on a challenge, a $100 only, full face, makeup challenge for the wife M: I need a bronzer and she is like as white as white can get Ulta Lady: OK! IDK about bronzer, but you can buy a powder, like a regular face powder, and use it as a bronzer

Joel: Michael you excited to be done? Michael: we're almost done yeah J: done with everything now M: I came under budget yeah! J: yeah I didn't Michael: SUPERSTAR! M: we're done we put the stuff in inconspicuous baggies from our grocery store with little binder clips that so we set it down they can't look into it right away J: right let's go chuck it at them M(to Rocko): Hi Buddy! M: okay so here we are here's the girls here we are, here's the girls, the bags the girls the bags, the girls

M: Learn to aim that that's a guys something you need to learn in life M: HI EVERYBODY! it's so dark M: HEY you can't touch it! M: Ok, ready to run? GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO SUPERSTAR!